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Village vets cpd program 2018.

We are very focused on clinical support, with two clinical directors supporting our teams of Vets and nurses. Their role is to help advise on cases, encourage clinical development and build our unrivalled CPD program. We support new graduates through the PDP (professional development program) allowing them to learn in a structured and supported manner.  

In 2017, we provided 1600 hours of training to our teams and we are planning 2500 hours in 2018. These modules are delivered by industry leaders including many European diplomats from Ireland, UK and Europe. These modules are mainly held in our purpose built training office with its own lecture room. Our CPD program is unrivalled in Ireland and allows our team to progress their career without being out of pocket themselves.

We have also funded 5 college diplomas and 21 certificates covering nursing, medicine, surgery, ophthalmology and management.

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Vet Talks:

Jenny McInerney - Ultrasound Wetlabs - March 13th & 14th

Kathryn Cuddy - Dermatology - 10th April

Aoife O Sullivan - Emergency & Critical care - 2nd May

Natasha Mitchell - Ophthalmology - 22nd May

John Chitty - Rabbits & Common Conditions - 12th June 

Jackie Layng - BOAS surgery options - 28th June

Emma O'Neill - Neurology - 12th July 

Brian Faulkner -  Consult room skills - 18-20th September

Aoife O Sullivan - Emergency & Critical care - 31st Oct

Roberta D’Antone - Anaesthesia options -2nd October

Aoife Caulfield & Roberta D’Antone - Feline Topic - Date TBC

Rachel Perry - Dental Wetlab - 5th December


Nurse Talks

Alex Rudderham - General nursing - 8th March 

Louise O'Dwyer - Emergency & critical care -  3rd May

Margaret Dorgan - Communication - May & June 2018

John Chitty - Rabbits & Common conditions - June 13th Wednesday

Aoife Magee- Inpatient care - August date TBC

Brian Faulkner -  Consult room skills - 18-20th September

Louise O'Dwyer - Emergency & critical care -  4th Oct


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