Spa day at the Cat Hotel | Village Vets
1 Apr, 2019

Red in our Cat Hotel had a well deserved spa day today! 

He had a massaging groom with a rubber brush, we used a waterless deep cleaning mango shampoo to wash him and then he had a little foaming facial cleanse. Then of course afterwards he had a little nap because being a kitty is hard work! 
Everything we used is no rinse formula which helps your cat stay fresh and clean without the irrational fear of water!

Grooming cats
Medium to long hair cat breeds have gorgeous hair but they don't stay that way easily! These breeds of cats need their coats regularly brushed. How often you need to brush them will depend on the individual cat's needs but will either be daily or weekly. Their coats need regular maintenance to prevent matting and improve skin health. 
Cats love to groom themselves but sometimes certain conditions can inhibit them from reaching certain spots on their body or prevent them from grooming such as age, arthritis, being overweight or if they're sick. Therefore you will need to brush your cat more often if any of the above problems arise. 
Beginners guide to grooming!
  1. To get them accustomed to being brushed you should start early from when they're a kitten.
  2. Little and often is the best start. Only brush them for a few mintues at a time when starting out and make sure to give them treats when they're finished! 
  3. Brush them in a quiet and comfortable room with them on your lap with no distractions around. 
  4. Ensure you're using the correct brush for your cat depending on their coat. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us here in Village Vets Dunshaughlin 018259636.