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Discover our brand new Cat Hotel, now based in the quiet of Dunshaughlin Village.


Our cat hotel has been designed accounting for the psychology of the cat. With five different rooms to choose from for their stay, no room is too crowded even for the shy cats, and calming diffusers plugged in throughout help even the nervous cats to settle in with us.

The warm and cosy rooms give each cat the option to curl up warm and toasty, lounge on the armchairs or the windowsills, or come out to cuddle and play with us and our cat-friendly toys, cat trees and scratching posts.


The new and improved individual cat pods we have throughout the cattery include:
  • Perches which provide more space and help cats feel safe and secure while allowing a lounging area that is away from other functions such as eating and toileting.
  • Flaps between pods to allow cats from the same family to come in and out to each other if they like, or give cats more space when the cattery is not busy.
  • Tinted windows and pods facing away from each other to ensure your furry friends are not upset by the presence of the other boarding cats.


For the more shy cats, hidey boxes are provided to give them an added sense of security. Our staff will spend time to encourage play or cuddles in a way that suit each cat. We also use coat care gloves and brushes to groom the cats who enjoy it; it can be a great bonding time!


All cats are different and we love discovering the different personalities and tailoring their stay around their wants and needs.


Booking your cat into our hotel.


Book as quickly as you can! Particularly during holiday periods.

Dietary preferences and medical conditions can be managed on request, please mention these when booking.

All cats must be fully vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis and upper respiratory infections (cat flu). There are no exceptions to this as it is very important to us to keep all our boarding guests safe. An up-to-date vaccination record can be emailed to us at the time of booking, or it will be required on your cat’s arrival.

All cats starting their vaccination course need to have received the second part of  their vaccine at least a week previous to their stay in the cattery to make sure they are protected. Cats who are due their yearly vaccination booster can receive that with us at the end of their stay.

Unneutered male cats, unfortunately, are not accepted in our hotel as it would upset our other guests.

We advise each owner to make sure that their cat has received flea and worm treatment prior to arrival. Alternatively we can supply it during your cat’s stay on request.

Feeding is included as part of the price for your cat to stay at our hotel. As standard, we use a variety of top quality dry and wet food.

However if your cat requires a certain brand of food, please supply us with enough for the duration of your cat’s stay and we will feed them that instead.

Call us or email us to book your furry friend into our hotel or to organise a visit.



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