pet is for life not just for lockdown, sad dog looking at the owner
Our Furry Frontliners supported our Mental and Physical Wellbeing During Covid-19. 
Village Vets suggests ways to repay that support as we ease out of Lockdown.


December 3rd 2020. Something extraordinary happened back in March when lockdown was imposed on all our lives, many homes welcomed a new furry member into their family and others dialled up their talking and walking time with these emerging and existing furry frontline supporters. 98% of pet owners surveyed by Village Vets said their pets were their key support during the quarantine. These furry siblings are credited with combating loneliness and isolation while supporting our Mental and Physical wellbeing. 


Many of these Covid pets will be turning one in the near future and, as such, their needs have been rapidly changing; from juvenile animals into full-fledged adults. As restrictions relax and on-site work resumes, what’ll happen to your four-legged companion when you return to work?


Charles Cosgrave, CEO of Village Vets commented, “This presents a massive change to all our pet’s daily routine, to go from having their owner home 24 hours a day to barely seeing them in the evening. Many pets will feel lonely, experience separation anxiety and be generally missing your company, as much as you would miss theirs. There’s just enough time for you to start thinking of a plan to combat the stresses and worries that your pet may have – over the last 9 months, our pets have helped us get through the worst, now it’s time to do the same for them!”


As Ireland begins the process of opening up following months of lockdowns and closures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Village Vets is encouraging pet owners to take steps to ensure the transition is smooth and stress-free for our pet:

yorkie terrier looking through the window


Leaving the house: For dogs and cats, it is important that you begin practicing leaving the house in a calm and quick manner. You can gradually increase the length of time you spend away from your home which will, in turn, help your pet grow accustomed to being on their own.


Sleeping: Make sure the pets have their open bed/sleeping area so they are happy to sleep on their own.

image of dog sleeping in his bed


Anxiety: Use Pet Remedy spray if your pet is looking a bit anxious.

Also, Consider leaving a radio on low in the background such as  Lyric FM - so they can relax with  classical music.


Exercise: For dogs, bring them for walks before leaving home. This lets them get some wiggles out and do their business, and they may learn to associate a nice activity with you leaving/returning .


Supplies: Ensure your pet has water/food and some toys (that are safe and appropriate) to keep them amused, and somewhere safe to go to the toilet in case of emergencies. Even the best trained pets have accidents, and the embarrassment / worry associated with it can sometimes cause a lot of distress. 

cat playing with a toy


Medical Care: If your pet has lived indoors during the lockdown, it’s worth checking that they’re up to date with their preventative healthcare before they go outside again. We can provide you with your cat’s & dog’s usual flea and worm treatments so please let us know if you’ve run out. 


For parents of new kittens and puppies please arrange for us to vaccinate, neuter and microchip your furry pride and joy before letting them go outside. 


At our Village Vets website, we have literal mountains of articles and blogs on a wide range of topics; from house breaking a new pup to combating the stresses of Christmas and Halloween.  Give us a call, whether it’s for help or advice. We’re always on hand,  seven days a week, to give you and your pet peace of mind.