Sophia Fitzsimons | Village Vets

I’ve always loved animals. I had pets all my life, mostly cats,dogs and hamsters. At the moment I have a  beautiful  Spitz x Pomme called Spud. He is great but not very found of my cat Trilo.When I was in school we had to do work experience. That is when I heard my calling. I got experience in my local vets. Every day was so exciting. I loved it there (as I do now working for Active Vet Care)I worked hard and did a plc in Killester college. I groomed pets for about  five  years and then decided to get my nursing exams in St Johns college Cork. Best decision ever!.I've been nursing now for five years and love it. Some days can be very sad as you get to know peoples pets, just like friends but mostly its great.I really enjoy meeting all new animals coming through  the door and earning their trust and also their families’. I’ve made some great friends through my job.


Sophia Ashbourne, Village Vets Team