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This year because of covid we haven’t been able to take in any Transition Year work experience students. Since they can’t come to us, we thought we would bring a taste of what it’s like to work in one of our veterinary clinics to them. We’ve created a Virtual Transition Year Program.


We worked hard to create a short video to educate students on the procedures we under take every day in our clinics. The 20 mintue walk through video and Q&A can be scheduled into any indivudual or group class. All that is required is good sound to hear the narration and a webcam for the live Q&A session with one of our vets or vet nurses. We go through a number of procedures such as taking and processing a blood sample, cat and dog surgeries including neutering, endoscopy procedure, dental extraction etc. Check out our teaser video below:


Our TY programme is absolutely free and you can book it with us by sending us an email to:
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