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how to exercise with your pet

We all like to be fit and healthy. So do our pets. This fact has been ignored by most people and it is the main reason why so many pets are succumbing to various lifestyle diseases just like human beings. According to experts, more than 35% of pets are overweight in today's times. This indicates an alarmingly high number of pets all over the world who are vulnerable to obesity related health issues like diabetes, arthritis, heart problems and breathing difficulties.

It is high time we start integrating exercises for our pets into our own workout routine so that they can live a longer and healthier life. Here are some quick and simple ways in which you can exercise with your pet:

1. Fetch Race with your dog

Why should dogs have all the fun? The next time you play fetch with your dog, race with him to pick it up. This is the easiest exercise which you can do. Racing increases your heart rate as well as your dog's and the metabolism receives a boost too. You can wrestle with the dog for the fetch and once again toss it and race. Just be careful not to exhaust the dog or cause overheating.

2. Let your dog chase you

Do you remember the innumerable times you have played dog tag in your childhood? Why not revive the game and relive those fun moments? You can start running around in your backyard and let the dog chase you. This can be an exciting and exhilarating experience and both you and your pet can lose those extra pounds. Try this for a few minutes everyday.

3. Abs for cats

Don't think that your cat has to do abs. It is you who needs to do sit-ups while making the cat chase a light flashing on the wall. For this exercise, you need to hold a flashlight in both the hands and do sit-ups. Your movement will cause the light to flash back and forth on the wall . The cat will chase it and get her workout done without even realizing it.

4. Doing cat curls

You can get strong and sculpted biceps and fire up the cat as well. Along with the dumbbell, you can hold a small toy in your hand which flashes a light. As you move your hand while doing curls, the light also shifts up and down. The cat will try to chase the light and catch the toy. This jumping motion is a more than adequate exercise for the lazy cat.

Try out these simple and great exercises with your pets to make your workout more exciting and productive.

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