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Much to the chagrin of vehicle owners, cars require an NCT every two years (at the very least; more if your car is newer). How about pets? How often should they be checked? Legally you’re required to keep your pet in good health, however that does not equate to being required by law to have them assessed by a vet on a yearly basis!

Don’t be alarmed; having your pet go more than one year without a vet visit doesn’t mean you’re a bad owner, but it may leave you unaware of injuries and illnesses that your pet has picked up since your last visit. So, we present to you, in no particular order, the five best reasons to have your pet checked regularly.

No. 5: Diagnosing hereditary conditions

If you’ve adopted a pet from a reputable breeder (first of all, well done!), then you should be aware of all the aches and ailments that your pet’s parents had. Some of these can, unfortunately, pass to this newest member of your family and may not develop until later on in their life. By having your pet checked regularly your Vet can keep track of when these conditions start to manifest and, having caught them early, begin to treat them. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred this results in a long, happy and fun-filled life for your pet!


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No. 4: Weight, worms and fleas

Keeping on top of your pet’s weight, their worming schedule and what months to flea them is a chore. Thankfully, most Veterinary practices (like ours) make this much easier by keeping track of these things for you. At every inspection, your pet’s weight will be recorded, added to their file and, if they need it, have their flea and worming dose administered then and there.

No. 3: Discovering minor injuries

Nothing goes unnoticed at a Vets, especially at our clinics. A slight limp, a wayward cough, an odd wag, a dry nose; everything is a symptom to a well-trained and well-staffed clinic. By having your pet checked regularly, you make it easier for your Vet to pick up on small symptoms, thus avoiding larger problems later on in your pet’s life.

No. 2: Diagnosing serious conditions early

While heart-breaking, diagnosing serious illnesses and diseases early is a deciding factor in your pet’s prognosis and should be the one reason to have your pet checked regularly. By catching cancer, lumps, bumps and growths early, your pet’s chances at leading a happy, normal and long life go up substantially. Trust us, there’s no worse feeling in the world than that of ‘if only we caught it earlier’.


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No. 1: Assessing your pet’s overall well-being

Having your pet checked by a qualified professional is much like bringing your car to a trusted mechanic; sure, it might cost a few pound, but when you get your car back you know it’s got a clean bill of health. Having a clean bill of health for your pet can take a weight off your shoulders and, as listed above, can catch small ailments before they turn into bigger problems. Besides that, your vet will be able to keep a comprehensive record of your pet’s visits, leaving it even easier to treat and diagnose issues your pet may have later on in their life.

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In this day and age, your health is surely your wealth and it’s no different for our pets. Give them the best gift ever with a clean bill of health from yours truly. If you have any other questions that we didn’t manage to cover, you can always ring us or have a gander here.

For now, Paw-Pals, we say adieu!