5 tips to make your dog like your other half | Village Vets

Whether you’ve fallen in love with someone or someone’s fallen in love with you, there’s someone else that may struggle with this new development to your life; your dog. While dogs can be the friendliest animals on planet Earth, there are documented cases of jealousy, envy and even aggression towards owner’s partners from their dogs.

Today we’ve got an arsenal of tips on how you can prepare your other half to be your pet’s best friend!


5: Arm your partner with treats

While it may be underhanded, making sure that your partner always arrives with treats on their person is a sure-fire way to make sure that your pet falls in love with them too! Just make sure that they are given in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. Perhaps you could even arm your partner with your pet’s favourites? Soon they’ll associate the love of your life with the love of their life (especially if they are food motivated)!


4: First introductions

When first organising a meeting between your pet and your partner, try and set it up in such a way that it takes place on familiar ground to your pet; your home, their favourite park, a forest they love exploring. Then, brief your partner on what to expect, what your pet will want to expect and what you wish to achieve on this date. After that, just let your partner and pet be themselves -- your pet will instinctively want to investigate your partner for a few minutes. Hopefully by the end of this (very short) interview your partner will get the all-clear by your best friend!



3: Subsequent greetings

Upon learning (so many years ago now) that my partner had a dog, Xena, I made it my business to fuss about her. While I could communicate properly with my partner, explaining to Xena that I was going to be spending a lot more time around would be a far more difficult thing to convey -- I’m sure in Xena’s head I was just this random person who got very excited upon seeing her; every, single, time. Though over the years I’m positive she’s become wise to my tactics. Still, Xena always comes for a cuddle whenever the telly is on. Long story short, have your partner make a fuss about your pet (they probably will anyway).


2: Date night

In tip number 4, we suggested having the first meet be in a place that your dog is familiar with. Well, this tip isn’t too different. To reinforce the vital groundwork you’ve laid out in our previous tips, it’s now time to start bringing your partner on the walks you and your pet would normally do alone. While it makes for good exercise for all three of you, your pet will appreciate the added audience as well as the additional company. In time you can even start letting your partner bring your pet for walks, but do start small; let them hold the lead for a time while supervised, for example. Your pet will eventually come around to seeing your partner as their part-owner too!


1: Time

It marches on, whether we want it to or not. Having said, it will take time for your pet to become accustomed to your partner and vice versa. Don’t rush things, but do egg them on in such a way that it almost feels natural. One way or another, your partner will fall for your pet, and your pet will fall for your partner. Just… try not to be too jealous when this happens!


So, we wish you, your partner and your pet the very best of luck in meeting for the first time. Trust us, they’ll be thick as thieves in no time! For advice, more tips or even just to tell us a funny story, you can always contact us here.


For now pet-partners, we say farewell!