6 Secrets to make dogs like you! | Village Vets

Unlike us humans, there are a number of things you can do to make any dog you come across instantly like you! These can be handy things to know when meeting friend’s dogs or perhaps helping you to choose your first forever-friend. Read on and discover the secret to any dog’s heart.


1. Body Language:

Dogs, and animals in general, are very good at picking up on micro expressions and subtle changes in our body language – it’s why they make the best comfort animals. When meeting a friendly dog try to appear friendly yourself; use calm, gentle movements, open your eyes and smile (smiling should be easy if you love dogs). Any dog should melt in your arms if you follow the above!


2. Tone of Voice:

After body language, your tone of voice is the most important thing a dog will pick up on. From past experience, using a bright and cheery, almost playful tone is the best tool in your arsenal here. If you think of the dog you’re trying to impress as a baby or very young child; if you sound excited they’ll mirror it right back. Before you know it, you’ll have every tail wagging with your dulcet tones!


3. Where to Scratch:

So, you’ve tried smiling, you’ve tried speaking in an excited tone, you’ve even offered a treat or two and your Sister’s new dog is having none of it, there’s one more trick in your arsenal that you can call on. Provided that the dog you’re trying to impress is friendly, try scratching behind their ear, underneath their collar or the area of their chest between their forelegs -- these are three areas that most dogs can’t get to on their own. Grooming and scratching in general is the language of affection in the dog world, but scratching those three areas in particular will have you in every dog’s good books!




4. The Height Difference:

To most dogs (especially toy breeds) us humans are giants. This major difference between us can be intimidating for them to try and reckon with and will certainly do you no favours if it’s a dog you’re trying to impress. To start, bend down to the dog’s level or, if possible, sit on the ground. The dog in question may become curious and start climbing all over you, but by that point you’ve already accomplished what you’ve set out to do. For a really good laugh you can try lying on your front or back and letting them walk on you to their heart’s content!


5. Should I Pick Up?:

Before trying to pick up any dog always make sure that their owner is happy for you to (and you’re confidant that you can lift and carry them properly). Always take care not to strain yourself. Toy and small breed dogs are (almost) the perfect size for lifting, but you should know yourself whether they like being carried. If they do then you’re on to a winner -- lift and cradle them as you would a baby and you’ll never have to worry about them liking you again.


6. Preparation is Key:

Lastly, if all else fails you can try the oldest trick in the book: bribes. Always check with their owner first that they can eat and digest most meaty treats. If so, slip them some pieces of a cooked sausage or a dedicated dog treat and you’ll be best friends for life – simple!


We hope you have tonnes of success in the near-future with these tips of ours. If you need advice or perhaps you’d just like to let us know whether they worked or not, you can always contact us here.


Bye for now, pet-pals!