7 Reasons Being a Pet Mom Is the Best | Village Vets
Mother's day

Mothers Day is just around the corner and being a Pet mom means a lot of things.


Whether you have cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, horses or fish, being a mother to any kind of animal is such a rewarding gift.

Pets enrich our lives in countless ways and here at Village Vets we are so grateful for our fur babies.

In honour of Mothers Day, here are some of the best parts about being a pet mom.


1 : You’ll Never Be Alone

Through the good and the bad times, your pet will always be there for you. As a pet mom you’ll never be alone, our furry friends love to follow us around the house, even to the toilet!


Mother's day


3 : They Will Nurse You Back To Health

When you are sad or sick, you’ll always have someone to cuddle to make you feel better. Animals have incredible intuition and can pick up on their moms energy and instantly make you feel better.


4 : Meeting new people will forever more be easy!

Did you know that having a dog will increase your chances of making new friends? Researchers have found that strangers offer more smiles and friendly glances to people with dogs, and are more likely to approach and have a conversation with someone with a canine companion.

Mother's day

5 : You're Never Without An Exercise Partner

There is always someone willing to go for a walk with you or play ball in the park.


6 : Pets Keep You On Your Toes

Pets provide us with endless entertainment and keep our minds sharp. Keeping your pets entertained and out of trouble will keep you occupied.


Mother's day


7 : Pets Give You So Much To Be Thankful For

No one will give you the love like your pets, they live for the moments that they get to be with you.

From the second you leave the house, to the moment you come home - they are thinking about you and missing you.


Pet Moms everywhere should hug their fur babies a little tighter this Mothers Day.