Village Vets Dog cafe

Village Vets understands that dog owners are a particular ‘breed’ and that some love bringing
their canine companion with them wherever they go – to enjoy a morning cappuccino, have
brunch with friends, meet up with a colleague, enjoy afternoon tea and cake, or for a drink and
tacos to round up the day. The expert team at the family owned and run practice, Village Vets,
has walked the walk and explored the capital from north to south and east to west, to find the
top dog friendly places for you and your pooch.

dog friendly places dublin


Armed with a pet approved checklist, the veterinary nurses and vets from the Dublin and Meath
based practices visited a range of locations over the course of the summer. Those that passed
the checks have now been awarded with an official Village Vets dog friendly sticker of approval.
The criteria set out by Village Vets included whether there were water bowls and dog treats
available, whether dogs were allowed inside or just outside, and whether staff members were
accommodating and friendly to dogs.


Village Vets Dog cafe


The results are in:


allowed roam the venue without a care in the world (within reason!). There were healthy

dog treats and water to hand, and the staff made the Village Vets canine team feel like



and allowed dogs to rest on the chairs and sofas in the outside area. With their friendly
staff and dog friendly sign outside, it’s definitely an enjoyable spot for you and your dog


design shop, so although they are very welcoming to dogs, you may want to sit outside if
you have a boisterous four legged friend or large dog such as a Great Dane. With dog
treats and water bowls available, it’s an ideal place to stop after a long walk


be welcomed with opened arms by the friendly staff here, before they enjoy some
delicious dog treats


website, visitors could be fooled for thinking this café does not welcome pooches.
However, the staff here are extremely welcoming and friendly towards dogs. Take your
own treats as there are only water bowls available


Dog cafe


yours, dogs will feel very special while sitting in the outside area of this city centre spot.
Perfect for people watching, dogs are sure to get lots of attention here too


Vet’s list of dog friendly places to visit


very welcoming to dogs and will have your four legged friend feeling right at home


Dog cafe


Village Vets experts encourage dog owners to spend quality time with their pooch outside of the
comforts of their home. Doing so exposes the pup to unfamiliar sights and sounds and prepares
dogs for any noises or wonders they may come across. If your dog does act up during brunch,
don’t pay this too much attention (depending on the acting up!) and try to ignore them, but
remember to reward your furry friend for good behaviour and they will begin to understand the


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