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dog swallow dear hoof, baxter hoofing around

On the 25th of September, Mary our receptionist received a call around 10.30 am from Andrew Collings,owner of Baxter a Border Collie who had been out for a walk with his grandad in the woods.

On the phone call Andrew told us that Baxter was after eating a deer's hoof. We were shocked as it is not a normal phone call we would receive. Andrew brought Baxter straight into the clinic at Village Vets @DSPCA.

On arrival Baxter was very bright and in good form. Our vet Claire Vaughan called Baxter into a consult room and gave him a full check up. Claire explained to the owner that the next step would be to sedate Baxter and take some Xrays to prove that he ate the hoof.  We took two abdomen views and yes.... Baxter did eat something he shouldn't have.

dog swallow dear hoof, baxter hoofing around


We had a team briefing to discuss the best way to proceed to remove this foreign body. We came to the conclusion, firstly we would try to remove it by endoscopy performed by our clinical director Roberta Dantone. We tried for 30 minutes to remove this but unfortunately no joy as it was to big.

We called the owner to let him know that we would have to surgical remove it. Marcel Hanley our vet and Alan Gallagher our nurse surgical prepared Baxter for his surgery. Our surgical vet Antonietta Cantone performed the surgery which took over 2.5 hours. Marcel Hanley assisted Antonieeta with this procedure, while Alan made sure Baxter stayed stable under anaesthetic.

dog swallow dear hoof, baxter hoofing around


Antonietta removed the deer hoof from Baxters stomach and the surgery went according to plan. Baxter recovered well and went home the following day and will return back 2 days later for a check up.

dog swallow dear hoof, baxter hoofing around

We would like to make owners aware to please keep their pets on a lead at all times when in wooded areas.

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