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Dog Friendly Ireland Day 2019

Village Vets is encouraging business owners to take part in Dog Friendly Ireland Day!



Bring You Pet To Work Day, or Dog Friendly Day, was originally celebrated in 1999, in the United States. The day was set up to encourage dog adoption and our love and the joy dogs bring to our lives.

To celebrate the day bring your furry friend to work on Friday the 21st of June. Before taking your pet to work make sure your business is taking part in the celebration. It is also important to let your co-workers know that you will be bringing your dog to work as some people are allergic or aren’t comfortable with dogs. We are asking all types of establishments to allow dogs access for the day. We at Village Vets have created a frame/image for businesses to use on their social media accounts to advertise their participation in Dog Friendly Ireland Day. Links to download it are at the front and bottom on the page.

With 62% of Irish households owning nearly 800,000 pets, the business of pets is worth approximately €660m (400m for veterinary, 250m for pet food & accessories and 10m for boarding & grooming) to the Irish economy. It employs over ten thousand people and covers everything from Veterinary clinics, Pet shops, Pet crematoria, boarding kennels, grooming parlours and even software companies. 



Every year the demand for more dog friendly services is increasing, in Ireland. 42% of participants in a survey stated that they would be happy to eat in a cafe, pub, restaurant or other venue which served food and allowed dogs on a lead. And 44% said they would be more likely to holiday in Ireland if there were more dog-friendly accommodations were available.

Pets are becoming a bigger part of our lives and more humanised than ever before. This increased humanisation of pets combined with the millennial generation becoming the largest pet owning sector has provided the industry with a surge in growth with further growth projected for the coming years.

In the US, 8% of workplaces allow dogs to accompany their owners to work, according to the Society of Human Resource Management. That’s an increase from 5% of employers in 2013. According to a number of studies, having dogs in the workplace allows for a more social and positive work environment. They have been proven to reduce employee stress levels as well as boost morale. Animals have proven to be a comfort to those with mental health issues. According to a May 2017 study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the feeling of being cared for, which a dog provides, is “a key factor in whether people with serious mental illness return to work or remain employed”.   



Millennials, especially view dog-friendly policies as a workplace benefit that will attract and maintain talent into the company. A quarter say a dog-friendly workplace would be more attractive to them. While more than a quarter, 28%, of employers would like to put a dog-friendly policy in place. Friday the 21st of June is your day to test is out!

Our dogs are becoming a bigger part of our lives and the demand for more dog friendly services are increasing each year. Join us and be part of Dog Friendly Day Ireland Day on Friday the 21st of June!



Download a frame to put over your social media Here: