The best Christmas guide and presents you can get for your pets! | Village Vets

Did you start your holiday shopping and house decorating even before Halloween? Did you already write a letter to Santa Paws on behalf of your pet? Then this Christmas Holiday guide is for you! 


For many pet parents, beloved dogs, cats, rabbits and birds are just as much part of the family as anyone else! We always recommend including your pets in your family traditions and holiday festivities - while keeping them safe at the same time. Plus, we have the inside scoop on the best gift for your pet.


Here is our guide to celebrating the holidays with your fluffy family members and its sure to keep them safe with Holiday spirit.


Holiday decoration

During the holiday season, many things could go wrong; therefore, we should be mindful of the decorations that can be dangerous to our pets.


  • Make sure your Christmas tree is stable and secure; larger dogs can accidentally brush up against it and knock it over. 
  • Make sure that the electric cords from the Christmas lights or any other decorations you might have are out of reach! Your smaller pets, like hamsters, pet rats or rabbits, will chew on it! 
  • Have large plush toys or glass Christmas tree decorations away from your pet's reach or don't have them at all. As your home fluff can eat them, pull on it and bring the tree down.


Instead, we recommend safe Holiday decor: 


  • Give your pet a stocking to hang with their name on it, this way your home will look festive, and your furry friend will receive a stocking full of treats and toys on the special Christmas day! 
  • Hang personalised pet ornaments that you can cut out of paper or make from safe materials, paws-down your Christmas tree will feel more special with homemade ornaments!




Poisonous substances and foods to your pet 

During the festive season, a lot of dietary indiscretions can happen due to dogs eating things they probably should be eating! Dogs are more exposed during the festive season to more fatty foods, like leftovers, fat of the ham or  pigs in blankets, and more meals that they are not used to eating. 


It is best to keep your pet’s diet as normal as possible and hold off from giving leftovers or sharing cookies and other Christmas treats. Fatty foods can cause inflammation in your dog’s body and may even lead to inflammation of the pancreas and pancreatitis.


Instead, try these options:

  • If your sweet cutie asks for food during the Christmas lunch or dinner, have special dog treats at hand. 
  • Feed your sweetie before you sit down to a table, they will be less interested in the food on the table. 

Christmas plants and decorations can be poisonous to your pets, like red-blooming plant  Poinsettia, also known as the Christmas plant, is toxic to your pets. This also includes other traditional Christmas decorations like Missletoe and Holly. Better off not having Chsirtmas plants around your home and keeping your fluffy friends safe. 


Christmas presents for your pets! 

Another fun part of the holiday season is giving gifts and receiving gifts. Well, as a pet parent, you like to give them and your pets love to get them... Because you are a fun mummy or daddy - we recommend getting your pet activity toys, like a boll when rolled leaves treat’ for your pup or something more engaging for your dog, like a chewing bone. It's better they chew on this for hours than your shoes! 


But no better gift this Christmas from a loving parent than a gift of health and well-being! You can get your pet a personalised Pet Health Care plan for the entire year that includes necessary tests, vaccinations and exams that your pet might need. In addition to that, you can book unlimited free visits vet throughout the year, to consult on your pup's specific needs! Let it be one of the best gifts you can give your beloved furry friend! 


Feel free to give us a call or stop by to say hello to Santa - Paws!