Blood Donation - Your Dog can Help! | Village Vets
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In certain situations where an animal has lost too much blood - as a result of trauma, surgery or auto-immune illness - a blood transfusion is needed to restore levels sufficient to save the animal's life. For these cases, we have a list of lovely animals belonging to our clients that we can refer to in order to select an appropriate donor.


There are a few criteria required for your pet to be accepted as a donor. If you answer YES to these and would like to register your pet as a blood donor, get in touch!


  • Your dog weighs over 25kg (1- 6 years giant breed)
  • They are aged between 1-8 years.
  • Fit and well, fully vaccinated, wormed and not on any medication.
  • They have not travelled outside of Ireland or the UK.
  • They have never received a blood transfusion themselves.
  • Never had puppies and is not pregnant.
  • They have a good temperament.



Your pet becoming a blood donor will help other animals to get better. Your clinic will also make sure that your pet gets some fantastic freebies due to being to kind and brave. Call us to speak with any of our staff members about blood donation and your pet.