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So you're a dog lover and you want to celebrate National Dog Friendly Day in your own workplace? That's fantastic! You're our kind of person. With a significant number of pet owners in Ireland and a growing demand for dog-friendly services, now is the perfect time to take the joy of dogs to your workplace. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of having dogs in the office and provide some tips to create a dog-friendly environment for everyone to enjoy.


The Value of Dog-Friendly Services:

Did you know that nearly 800,000 pets reside in 62% of Irish households? The pet industry plays a significant role in the Irish economy, contributing approximately €660m. With more and more people considering their dogs as part of the family, the demand for dog-friendly venues and accommodations is on the rise. Surveys indicate that a substantial percentage of participants would be happy to eat in dog-friendly places, and many would be more inclined to vacation in Ireland if dog-friendly accommodations were available. It's time to normalise dogs outside the home and embrace their presence in various settings, including the workplace.


Enhancing Workplace Dynamics:

"Bringing your furry friend to work can be an excellent opportunity to interact with your coworkers in a whole new way," says Charles Cosgrave, CEO of Village Vets. Dogs have a remarkable ability to break the ice and foster better communication and teamwork among colleagues. Imagine the positive impact on office morale when your furry companion sits beside your desk, spreading joy and creating memorable moments. Now, it's time to pitch this idea to your employees or to your boss and convince them to embrace the spirit of National Dog Friendly Day.



Considerations Before Taking Your Dog to Work:

Before taking your beloved pet to the office, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, ensure that your business is participating in the celebration of Dog Friendly Ireland Day. Inform your coworkers in advance that you will be taking your dog to work, as some people may have allergies or feel uncomfortable around dogs. It's essential to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.


Show Your Participation: 

To promote Dog Friendly Ireland Day and encourage others to join the celebration, we have created social media dog-friendly graphics. By displaying these graphics in your workplace or sharing them on your social media platforms, businesses can signal to their employees that they are participating in the event. These graphics serve as a visual reminder of the day and can inspire others to take their furry friends to work on June 23.

Click on the graphic of your choice to download and use it in your office and your social media channels. 


Instagram/Facebook post:

Take your dog to work day post



Take your dog to work day story


A4 poster:

Take your dog to work day A4 poster


Creating a Dog-Friendly Office Space:
It's important to acknowledge that not all pets would enjoy coming to work, and some may find it stressful. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, consider the following tips when creating a dog-friendly office space:

  1. Determine specific areas where dogs can roam and establish any rules they need to follow.
  2. Encourage employees to bring dogs who enjoy being around people and other pups, but respect those who prefer to leave their pets at home.
  3. Decide which dog breeds are allowed and set a reasonable limit on the number of furry friends in the office.
  4. Consider the needs and comfort of your colleagues by surveying their opinions on having dogs in the workplace.
  5. Provide appropriate chew toys for dogs, preferably ones that don't make excessive noise.
  6. Allow dogs to have familiar items from home, such as cozy beds or blankets.
  7. Ensure that all doggy coworkers are well-trained in using designated potty areas and stick to their regular schedule.
  8. Keep a good supply of poop bags available for easy clean-ups.
  9. Ensure that office doors are secure, preventing any unintended escapes.
  10. Provide fresh water


 For more information on how to make your office dog-friendly, call one of their Village Vet clinics for advice.