Celebrate this World Cup with your best pal! | Village Vets
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The World Cup kicks off on the 14th of June, and it has perhaps inspired you to get out there and channel your inner athlete at your local football pitch. This is great!

Football is fantastic for getting you in shape and keeping your heart and mind healthy. It also has great benefits for your dog; not only will playing football with your dog increase their fitness levels, stamina and overall body condition, it is quality time that you are spending with your pet and that means the world (pun intended) to them!

If you decide to take them out to play for the first time, firstly recognise thatyour ball will most likely not leave the pitch in the same inflated condition it was in when it first gotthere! Teaching your pet to actually play the game is relatively easy, and it will help your pet to utilise their mental skills which is brilliant.

Your dog will get so excited running around with you,and the social aspect of football means that will also have a great time meeting other animals and their owners. 

At the end of the session, not only will you feel great physically, you'll have strengthened the bond between you and your buddy, and that is something to celebrate!