Co-Sleeping with Dogs: a Pawsitive or a Negative Habit? | Village Vets
Sleeping with dogs

Dogs can be a perfect spooning partner; they are fluffy, cushiony, warm and the most deluxe pillows. Sleeping with your dog, to many pet parents, is a no-brainer. But to others, it is a clear overstep of boundaries, not to mention a divisive topic some couples can have! There are a few things to consider before inviting your dog into your bed, and we will go through each side of the dilemma. 


Positives of sleeping with your dog 


There is plenty of evidence showing the benefits of sleeping with your dog. 


#1 Improved bond with your dog 


From time to time, our modern-day lives prevent us from spending time with our loved ones and sometimes can happen that you don't get to spend enough time with your pup. Having your pup sleep with you can strengthen your bond as you and your dog get to spend the most vulnerable moments together and have pets in between.


#2 Your pup’s presence provides safety and security 


If you are worried about every creek and sound in your home, having a bed companion could be extremely beneficial. Remember that dogs primarily were kept at home to protect and guard their humans. What could be the best protection in our most vulnerable state? You can sleep at ease with your four-legged friend, as they will for sure pick up any noises in the house and investigate! 


#3 More comfort


After a long and stressful day, it is very comforting to snuggle up with your pup. Multiple studies have suggested that snuggling up with your pet reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and lowers stress levels, as your sweetie is too adorable. You can use the nighttime for having your sweetie with you and have great long-term health benefits for both.



The Cons of sleeping with your dog


#1 Health and Allergies 

It is essential to remember that if you have allergies to your dog, it is best not to sleep with them in the same bed. Also, if you have dust and pollen allergies, it can become particularly troublesome to sleep with your dog. 

As our dogs tend to act as sweepers of dust and pollen, they might run outside in the garden or nap on the house floors, unintentionally collecting dust and pollen. Your pup's fur can hold a lot of dust and pollen collected from outside and later bring it to your bed. 


Things you can do to reduce allergies: 

  • Wash your sheets frequently 
  • Always make your bed with a bed cover and pillow cover 
  • Keep your floors extremely clean 
  • Groom and bathe your pup frequently (but don't overdo it as it is not healthy for your pup's coat) 


#2 The size of the bed VS The size of your dog 


The size of the bed matters, if there is not enough space, it's not a feasible idea to have a doggo sleep with you, as the night might start looking like a competition for space or worse if someone is getting pushed out of bed. 

It can become potentially dangerous if your larger dog jumps down onto a hardwood floor as the friction can injure their wrists over time. 


If your bed is high, we recommend : 

Keep a landing mat or a softer carpet on the floor to protect your pup’s wrists

Consider purchasing a soft ladder for your smaller pup to be placed next to the bed or sofa for easier accessibility. 


#3 Can cause behavioural issues 


It is important to consider how sleeping in your bed affects your pup's behaviour; it can either be very beneficial or worsen some existing behavioural issues. If your dog is particularly territorial, guards his space, guards his bed, there is a huge possibility that he will start guarding your bed.


What can be done :

  • it would be best if you looked into behavioural training, you can speak to your vet for the best advice
  • better let your dog sleep in their dog bed before bringing them to yours! 

Now that we have looked into the major paw-sitives and negatives of having your pup in your bed, we hope you will find the best way to enjoy life to the fullest with your furry best friend. Of course, if you still have questions and want to prevent any nuisance and need recommendations, you can always give us a call or visit here to contact us directly. We are always happy to help! 


For now, paw-pals, sleep well!