Covid19 Pet Owner Survey Results Revealed | Village Vets

Following a survey carried out by Village Vets, Ireland's largest family owned veterinary practice,

55% of respondents claimed to be talking to their pets more since the Covid-19 lockdown.


It’s strange to look back four months and imagine how normal things were; not least all we took for granted, all we lost. However, the news isn’t all bad. Village Vets have been working hard on finalising the results of a survey that was carried out during the height of the lockdown. A survey designed to show us just how much our pets help us humans.

Q1. Do you think your pet helps you to ease your self quarantine stress level?

Of the 694 respondents, 683 said that their pet helped ease the stress and loneliness of self- quarantining. That is an absolutely astounding statistic in and of itself. There’s no room for debate here, pets have an overwhelmingly positive affect on combating loneliness and isolation.

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Q2. Are you talking to you pet more?

When asked if they were talking to their pets more, 55% of respondents said that they were and a lot more than usual. The other 44% of respondents said that they were talking to their pet the same as always while a tiny 0.8% said they were talking to their pet a lot less. It is possible that there is a correlation between talking to your pet and managing the stress of isolation, not to mention the added mental health benefits!

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Q3.Have you changed your pet feeding levels?

Comfort feeding can cause an increase in weight for pets as well as humans. When asked if they had changed their pet feeding levels, it seems that almost all respondents reported that their feeding levels had stayed the same. Similarly, when asked if they were spending more on food, treats and care for their pets during the lockdown, 60% of our respondents reported no. Yet, when asked if their exercise levels had changed, we saw respondents commonly report a slight increase. Whatever down time the Coronavirus granted us, it was spent out and exercising as opposed to online shopping; a hopeful result to be sure!

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Q4. Are you worried that your pets may experience separation anxiety after lockdown ends?

The aftermath of Covid-19 is not lost on pet owners. Pets have become dependent on their owners being around all day. This will decrease over time as we all start returning to work over the next few weeks and months. When asked if they were worried that their pet would develop separation anxiety after the lockdown had lifted, a massive 53% of respondents said yes, they were in-fact worried. Again, it’s important to note that a wide range of animals were involved in the survey, not just cats and dogs, but there is a clear level of concern, either as a result of the quarantine or by some other means, evident in the minds of Irish pet owners.

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Q5. Have you considered or got a new pet during the lock-down?

On a lighter note, when asked if they considered getting or got a new pet during the lock-down, 79% of respondents said no while 6% said that they actually got a new pet!

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In conclusion, it’s obvious to us that owning a pet during any period of isolation can help abate or completely erode the feelings associated with a lack of human contact. Not only that, but owning a pet, based on these results, can have a hugely positive effect on a person’s mental health. Having that little furry friend to talk to, it seems, can make all the difference (besides motivating you to get out and exercise)!

As restrictions continue to wind down please remain vigilant, continue washing your hands and don’t forget about those who got you through the loneliest four months in modern history, be they animal or human! We’re open and operating at full capacity once again, so if you need any Veterinary services, you know who to call!