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Much-loved pet dragget itself home for help after being struck by car.


A brave family pet who managed to drag herself home after being hit by the car is now fully recovered despite her terrible injuries.

Sasha, a female springer spaniel, managed to crawl home with a dislocated hip following the accident which took place near her home in Dunshaughlin in July.

Her owner Anne Tuite, is delighted with her recovery and grateful to veterinary surgeon Jackie Layng and Village Vets who treated Sasha for her injuries.

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Eight year old Sasha managed to get out of her garden in July of this year when she was hit by a car.

" She must have darted after a cat or something. She dragged herself back into the garden and the kids found her" Anne recalls

"My husband checked her and called the vet and we brought her to the local vet. In the meantime, the vet had got a call from someone to say they had hit a dog. They had stopped but couldn't find her"

dog in car accident, meath chronicle, vets meath, dunshaughlin vet,

At Village Vets Dunshaughlin, Sasha who was in great pain was treated for shock and given pain relief to help with multiple skin abrasions she had suffered. She was x-rayed and it was discovered that Sasha had dislocated her right hip, which the vets tried to replace by manual manipulation.

However, this was unsuccessful and so Sasha needed surgery to replace the dislocated hip and to stabilise it.

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Following the surgery and after 24 hours recuperation, Sasha was allowed home, where she rested for 6 weeks before making full recovery.

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"She had to stay in a cage for six weeks because she needed to rest and being a springer spaniel she wouldn't."

She seemed happy to lie in the cage in the kitchen and she enjoyed all the attention she was getting, especially from Anne's children Seana and Sinead.

"We had to take her out on a lead to go to the toilet."

"For the first few weeks, we were allowed to walk her on a lead in the garden for ten minutes and then working up to 20 minutes.

dog in car accident,vets meath, village vets,

" When she got out of the cage she was full of energy again. We were afraid of her hurting herself and had to call her back a  lot when we were walking to stop her sprinting, but she is now fully recovered and she hasn't escape since," says a delighted Anne.

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Written by Ann Casey @MeathChronicle