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The summer months may be coming to an end but that doesn't mean we can't squeeze in a few more adventures. One thing you can do is have a dog-friendly picnic for you and your friends. But, how do you go about planning such a thing?

Today we’ll go through how to organise, plan and execute the best doggy picnic ever!


dog park


Location, location, location:

Picking a suitable park, glade or grounds to have your picnic in is the single most important consideration for your pet. Always check the rules of your chosen picnic spot; whether dogs must be leashed, whether pets are allowed at all and what amenities are available. Then, choosing the right spot in your picnic area is key. Ideally you want somewhere that’s shaded, that’s away from the main thoroughfare of people and away from any dangers associated with the park; i.e the river and stream in Dun Na Ri in Kingscourt. With a good location, most (if not all) of your worries can be put to bed, leaving you and your pet to enjoy your day!

A La Carte:

No picnic would be complete without food, drinks and snacks. When packing, always bring plenty of water, enough of your pet’s regular food to keep them happy and a few snacks to entice them throughout the day. After reaching your carefully selected vista, feed your dog as you would on a normal day and always ensure that they have access to fresh, clean drinking water; bottled water from a shop is perfect in a pinch. If guests want to feed your pet (with scraps or with treats they’ve brought), make them aware of any intolerances your dog might have or if they’d be allergic to a particular food. The last thing anyone wants on a nice day is a visit to us!

Friends and Esteemed Guests:

While you might love everyone (and their pets) that are joining you for your lovely picnic, making sure your pet gets along with all invited is vital! You might want to arrange a play date or two with your pet and any others before embarking on a whole day out. This will give both pet-parents a chance to see how their dogs will interact with one another in a controlled setting. Once your pet is happy with the guestlist, you can both rest easy!

However, what about owners and pets who are just there on the day? As sad as it may be, the park is everyone’s, but planning for that with your pet can alleviate your worries. On particularly nice days, parks will be busy, and you’ll have enamoured patrons looking to pet, seeking to feed and generally be near your cute dog. If you’ve spent time socialising your pet when they were just pup, you’ll have nothing to fear, but socialising a pet can work at any age!


dog park



As the day drags on and the Sun starts to set, your pet might start thinking about resting their eyes for a time. Having a blanket or bringing a portable pet bed can give your pet a great place to get some shut-eye without having to bring them home. As your pet sleeps, be sure to check on them periodically and make sure that their water bowl/bottle is full of fresh water. There’s nothing like a little siesta to renew a wilting appetite for social engagements!

Heading for Home:

Sooner or later all good things must come to an end, and your picnic is no different; though there’ll be more days where the Sun’ll be shining! When wrapping things up at you chosen picnic spot be sure to respect the area and take any and all rubbish with you. Once you leave the place as you found it, nobody can argue!

So, we hope you’ll soon get the perfect weather to try out our picnic guidelines. Let us know how you get on, or if you need veterinary advice us by contacting us at any of our clinics.