Don't let Parasites tick you off this Summer! | Village Vets
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Ah, summer!

The season of sunshine, walks in long grass, and... ticks?

Unfortunately, this is the perfect time of year for these little blood-sucking critters to prey on your pet. They lurk mainly in grassland areas and may even be in your garden. They attach themselves to your pet by sinking theireight legs into their skin. If you find a tick on your pet, DO NOT attempt to remove it by yourself as this can lead to secondary bacterial infection; our nurses will remove them free of charge.

The most common type of tick found in Ireland is also a well known transmitter of Lyme disease, so it is
crucial that you protect your pet against them.

We sell Bravecto over the counter which is a 12- week flea and tick prevention treatment available in tablet form for dogs and spot on for cats.

If you are worried about parasites and your pet, book in for a FREE parasite check and advice consultation with our nurses by calling any of our clinics.

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