Easter pet safety tips | Village Vets

Easter Sunday is fast approaching and along with that comes fun, sweets, toys, food and other items and goodies that could potentially make your dogs and cats ill.


Treats that are delicious for us can be deadly for our pets. It’s up to pet parents to keep treats that could harm our furry friends out of their reach – especially on holidays like Easter.


Whether it is just a normal weekday or a special holiday like Easter, some dangerous items may be found in your home on a regular basis.


Check out some safety tips to help protect your dogs and cats:


Say no to “chocolate". Chocolate can cause seizures, hyperactivity and an elevated heart rate in your dogs and cats. Keep all chocolate out of reach of your pets. This is a health tip that is crucial to remember any time of the year.


Easter lilies are toxic. Easter is Lily season and while they are beautiful, they are extremely toxic to your cats. Cats are drawn to the flowers, but if they ingest them it can lead to lethargy and vomiting. Find a space where the cats can’t get to the flowers, if that’s not possible, it’s best to avoid having lilies in the house. Fake lilies, however, are perfectly safe and make a lovely decoration.


Easter baskets. We often get an Easter Basket filled to the brim with goodies, but some of these can be harmful to your pet. Chocolate is a well-known hazard, but did you know that xylitol, a sweetener found in some sweets, can also be toxic to dogs and cats? The decorative plastic grass that lines most Easter baskets can also be dangerous for your dog or cat if ingested. The same is also true for plastic Easter eggs. The best safety tip we can offer is to keep ALL sweets safely out of reach of your pets.


Easter should be fun and safe for all, and by being aware of possible pet dangers related to the holiday, you're already a step ahead. Having your pet in their safe space or in a separate room is often the easiest way to ensure they don't get into something dangerous, so you can enjoy your Easter feast knowing they're safe.


If your pet has consumed any of the mentioned items, get in touch with us immediately: https://www.villagevets.ie/emergencies