October/November - FREE Senior pet health checks! | Village Vets
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As our pets age, their diet, exercise and lifestyle requirements change. It is important that we, as owners, recognise when our pet is slowing down and make adjustments to suit their changing needs. For example, we see a lot of older pets with mobility problems, most often due to arthritis. In these cases, a medication plan is often put in place, but we also must redesign their nutrition and exercise plan, as this is just as essential in order to obtain an optimal weight. Weight loss helps to keep pressure off delicate joints as pets age, which enables them to enjoy a longer, happier and pain free life.

Indeed, it is not only joints that get achy with age. Older animals often suffer with dental conditions, eye problems, and vital organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys may also become compromised.


is Golden Paws month, which means that if you have a dog over the age of 8, or a cat over the age of 9, one of our nurses will perform a full nose to tail examination completly for FREE (normal consult cost is €45 or FREE with our Pet Health Plan). After the examination and put a tailored plan into place so that your pet can continue living their life to the fullest!

Call any of our clinics for more information about Golden Paws, or to book an appointment.