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Pet Health Plan

Opting for a pet health plan is a great choice for a pet owner, as it provides you with the peace of mind and support that is required at a time when your pet is sick or unhealthy. The key to solving any health problem, human or animal, is early intervention. The earlier the issue is identified the easier and more successful it will be to treat.


Why would you need a pet health plan?

Most pet owners would want their beloved pets to stay in great shape and health and as the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, a pet health plan ensures that you do not have to worry about your pet remaining ill or in bad health due to lack of treatment. A pet health plan ensures that your pet is able to receive every single preemptive health care treatments and checkups that he/she needs throughout the year to stay in the best shape. Moreover, if you look at this from a financial standpoint, a pet health plan ensures that you do not have to splurge huge amounts of money to ensure that your pet remains in good health.


Pet Health Plan


Benefits of having a pet health plan

The Pet Health Plan that we offer is focused on illness prevention and is designed to help you take
control of your pet's health by alleviating much of the costs associated with vet visits. It helps you
to be prepared for the future, by keeping your pet healthy throughout their life, rather than your pet
only visiting us when they are sick.


Free Vet Visits

With free consultations you can now be safe rather than sorry. Get the smallest worry looked at. This is especially great for younger pets, puppies and kittens are always getting into trouble.  Village Vets have clinics open 7 days a week.


Free Booster Vaccinations

Keep your pets protected with annual booster vaccinations. This includes kennel cough for dogs and leukaemia of cats. Don’t worry about keeping track of the last time your pet has had them. We will send you a message when your loved one is due for their booster.


Further Discounts and Additional Features: 

With our Pet Health Plan, you’ll receive 20% off all of our Royal Canin specialty diets, 20 % off our parasite prevention packs and 10% off on neutering. These are especially useful for new pups and kittens, giving them the best start in life that you could possibly offer them. We’ll also trim their nails for free, and that’s something we’ll do for life. And that’s not all! Dogs will receive reduced Emergency Consultation Fees while Cats will gain access to our Just Cats Clinic. 


Pet Health Plan


The difference between our pet health plan and pet insurance

Our pet health plan provides you complete coverage for regular treatments such as flea treatment, de-worming, parasite treatments and vaccinations, while also accommodating regular checkups and visits to the veterinarian.

Pet insurance on the other hand does not provide coverage for these everyday treatments that pets require, and only provides coverage for emergency treatments and expensive healthcare for sudden illnesses or injuries. 

Although, pet insurances are quite handy and can provide you with ample assistance during an emergency, they are not a practical choice for everyday treatments that every pet requires and therefore, not ideal for most pet owners. The benefits of pet insurance are used in once off situations of serious health issues. Our pet health plan on the other hand provides coverage for these everyday needs that pets have and therefore, prove to be the most ideal choices for pet owners to accommodate the daily costs associated with pet healthcare and treatments. 

Watch Charles Cosgrave of Village Vets give his expert view on pet insurance and what you need to know before buying.