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Dog Christmas

The festive season calls for happiness and celebration. Christmas is that time of the year when we all get together and celebrate the spirit of love and joy. It is a time of merrily welcoming the good in our lives and getting rid of the negativity that lies within us.

A good celebration involves the entire family and our lovely pets make our family more beautiful. We have our pets loving us unconditionally and selflessly every moment of their lives and it is a must that we make this time of joy and happiness a festival for them as well.

As Christmas approaches, it is a must you gear up for a gala celebration with your pet(s) as well. Along with the best Christmas presents for pets, a pet health plan is something you should focus on.


Pets are sensitive animals and you have to be very careful about what you give them, be it food or anything else. Here are a few tips that will help you have a happy and healthy Christmas with your pet:


Cat Christmas




  • The festive season is full of love and excitement and sweetmeats literally rule! People have the tendency to share their food with their pets. It maybe that small piece of cake or those cheese straws that you bought or that yummy chocolate. However, these Christmas treats can be a dangerous treat for your pet!
  • Alcohol – keep your dog away from alcohol. Do not even include those alcohol chocolates in your treat of generosity. It causes diarrhea and vomiting, tremors and breathing problems and can even lead to death.
  • Christmas cakes and puddings: these contain raisins and the sugar content can mess with your pet’s health.
  • Bones: cooked boons are tender as compared to the other ones. If you think that turkey bone is not going to affect him, you may be wrong! These bones are tender and have more chances of splinters which might lead to perforation of your pets’ bowels.
  • Nuts: along with the risks of choking, macadamia nuts are very harmful for dogs because of their potential of causing vomiting, tremors, weakness and other harmful side-effects.
  • Onions: onions are very toxic for both dogs as well as cats. That little gravy that you think will not harm your little pet is actually going to play up hell with their digestion!
  • Chocolates: chocolate is literally poison for dogs and cats. Though pets love sweet things and many of them are very attracted to sweet things, you must ensure to keep them as far as possible from it.



That beautiful Christmas tree has a lot on it that can be harmful for your pets if you are not careful!

Christmas trees: keep your pets away from those pine needles. It can cut them and can even give them stomach aches.

  • Poinsetta and mistletoes: both are slightly toxic and have the potential to cause vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Baubles: yes baubles! They look like toys to pets just like they look like toys to you. Your pet will want to play with them and chew them but this is not safe as they can cause infections and even cause choking.
  • Ribbons, tinsel and strings: they are fun to play with and your pets will really be attracted to these but they are really harmful. Cats love playing with this and jumping around but it can cause severe intestinal blockage.


Dog Christmas



Generosity is an asset and a beautiful gift to mankind. This Christmas, don’t only make it a celebration for your pets, make the homeless pets feel loved too. We all are one big family and these innocent animals deserve to celebrate with us. Donate for their health and well being and let the positivity of generosity fill your soul.


Gift your pets with lovely gifts that will make them happy and will not act as a threat to their well being as well. After all, its Christmas!