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How to plan a perfect trip with your adorable pet


We are sure by now you must have heard that it has become possible for you to bring your pets to and from a number of EU countries (and some other countries) on holidays without any need for quarantine. But how should you prepare your pets before they are ready to go on a trip with you?


Where should you start?

The rules and regulations for carrying your pets along with you when travelling between different countries will vary and are subject to change so you will need to make sure that you have the most up to date information on this subject.

Don’t forget to check with the Department of Agriculture in Ireland as well as the equivalent Department of Agriculture of the country you are planning to travel to.

Make sure you have the cat passport or dog passport!

Also, make sure that your pets have had their rabies vaccine injected before travelling to other countries such that they are not infected and do not infect others accidentally.



How to plan your trip with your pet?

There are different modes of transportation that you can take when travelling with your pet. Different modes of transportation will have different sets of rules and regulations for pets that you will need to follow. The most common ways of travelling to other countries with your pets are:

  • Visiting another country by car

Make sure to check if your preferred rental company allows pets in the car when travelling to another country

  • When travelling by plane

There are certain airlines that do not accept pets at all so before choosing the airlines, make sure to find it that airline is pet-friendly or not

  • Travelling with a pet cargo

Make sure to check the requirements of your destination as a lot of countries will require you to provide them with a notice in advance that you will arrive with a pet



How to prepare your pet for a long trip?

When you are travelling with a pet cat or dog, you should make sure that you take every possible measure to make sure they have a safe and comfortable journey as well as the trip. Here are some of the measures you can take in making sure they have a comfortable trip.

  • Avoid sleeping or sedative pills

Sedating your dogs or cats when travelling will increase the risk of problems. Instead, you can consult a vet and use calming pheromones on your pets.

  • Crate training

You can get a head start by starting early and giving your pets crate training. The pets that are comfortable in a crate will often travel safe and stress-free.

  • Taking them for short rides

You can begin the training to make your pets comfortable for travelling at an early age when they’re 6 months old. You can take them for short rides as it will ease their stress and help them get used to travelling.


Rabies Vaccine: A measure you must take before travelling with your pet

When you are travelling within the EU and other low-risk countries nearby, you should make sure you get your pet vaccinated against rabies before you travel. You must have a health check with your preferred vet 2-3 days before travelling and after the return journey.

Sometimes, the treatment for tapeworms and other external parasites might also be necessary. This is done as a preventive measure for preventing the entry of Echinococcusmultilocularis, a specific tapeworm into Ireland as this is widely spread in different parts of Europe. This tapeworm is harmless to dogs however it can sometimes result in harmful effects on humans.



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