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It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is around the corner and the festivities bring the excitement of planning and experimenting with new ideas. Markets are swollen with infinite gifting options. Diverse alternatives to the more traditional ones with newer, more unconventional and quirkier modifications are available. You are always on a mission to make your friends and family feel happy and special. Besides your family and friends, the happiness of your pet, an integral part of your family is essential as well.

Consider gifting something for their pet instead of the person themselves

Even with your closest family members and friends, there is an uncertainty regarding their needs and current requirements. Moreover, the thought of not matching up to their expectations can be seriously stressful. Instead of spending all your time and energy into figuring out what they need, you can focus on what could be bought for their fur babies.

We asked some of the pet parents in our clinics and our clients what they are planning to get for their pet this Christmas and they bubbled with enthusiasm and suggestions.

                                                                                                      Mac and Lesley

Quoting nurse Lesley from Village Vets Cabra “Every year my beloved whippet Mac gets a new onesie. Mac's coat is very short and in the winter time he gets cold quite quickly so he absolutely adores this extra layer of coziness"

We also asked the same question to our Christmas Draw Photo Shoot Competition winner Terese:

Village Vets Christmas Photo Shoot


Our Clonsilla client Terese Nangle said she bought her little staffie Angie a pink princess T-shirt few years ago, but since her husband refused to walk Angie while she was wearing pink, she is now getting her a Doggie Christmas stocking and a rope toy instead.

Michelle McGrath, a fashion broadcaster in Ireland AM who also starred in Copper Face Jacks musical is one of our celebrity clients. She said that her beloved Jack Russell "Ringo" has all the toys in the world so Michelle has decided on a Village Vets Pet Health Plan as a present from Santa.

Michelle said because of her busy lifestyle, she couldn't think of a better present for Ringo than unlimited free vet visits, annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and discounts on doggie food. Michelle can rest assured that with our Pet Health Plan Ringo's health will be well cared for.

Michelle McGrath , copper face jacks, ireland am


Keeping your pets healthy and happy not only increases their life but also ensures they lead a comfortable life and share mutually nurturing memories with you. Hence, one of the best gifts you could give to your own or someone else’s pet would be our Pet Health Plan.

Why Pet Health Plans are important?


Regular visits and routine check-ups can lead to an early determination of any conditions or future health issues. An early treatment leads to quick recovery.

Our health care plans are designed depending on your pet's needs. Dogs, cats under 50 kgs can be treated from an early stage.

Monthly deductions for your pet’s healthcare, flea-worm treatment and vaccinations do not burden you with a one-time payment and helps you take care of your pet within a budget.

You also avail your dog 20% discounted food from All Royal Canin Diets.

What we can offer through our Pet Health Plan

Whichever plan you choose based on your pet’s needs, you get unlimited access to vet appointments 7 days a week!

All plans come with vaccinations (including kennel cough for dogs and Feline leukemia for cats) and an exhaustive annual check-up including an annual blood test.

With our Plus Plans, you can ensure a flea free and worm protected environment for both your pet and yourself.

Affordable and convenient with the best services.

Let’s make this Christmas a notable and healthy one with the best gift that you can give to your pet. The gift of better health and more fulfilled life can’t be compared to any dog treats or toys. Also, what do you gift pets that have toys in abundance or pet owners that you don’t know much about?

Therefore, if you have pet parents as your relatives and friends and you are pondering over what would be a suitable gift for them, a pet health plan would be a conscious choice. The receiving pet parent would appreciate your care and concern for their pet as well. Village Vets’ Pet Health Plan brings you a lasting and impactful gifting option this Christmas.


Merry Christmas to all you amazing pet parents and their fur babies!