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The veterinary field has long been plagued by a lack of gender diversity, with fewer women holding leadership roles compared to their male counterparts. Village Vets, a leading veterinary practice in Ireland, is taking a stand to address this issue by providing more opportunities for women to take on leadership positions within the industry.

According to Hannah Tymlin, a clinical mentor at Village Vets, "Veterinary medicine leadership roles are traditionally male-oriented. However, Village Vets is unique in that it has made it a priority to give more women positions in leadership roles."

Village Vets boasts a team of five strong female support members in leadership positions, including Gerorgine (Nursing Coordinator), Hannah, Orla, Dawn, Aislinn (Clinical Mentors), and Aoife (Clinical Director). By providing support, training, and mentoring opportunities for these female leaders, Village Vets is helping them develop their skills and gain valuable experience in leading teams.

The practice is also committed to recognizing its female leaders by assigning them to strategic initiatives that drive visibility within the leadership team. This recognition creates a positive environment where women can feel empowered to take on more responsibility and be seen as equal members of the team.

In addition, Village Vets is helping its female leaders develop coping strategies necessary to mitigate the stressors associated with day-to-day veterinary practice and atypical job demands such as complaints to the state board. The practice also offers more flexible schedules that accommodate both family and work life and finds out what their female staff wants to support their career journey.

Village Vets' approach to empowering female leaders is not just good for women in the veterinary profession. It also helps create a culture of inclusivity and acceptance that benefits the entire team. By giving more clinical leaders from diverse backgrounds a chance to shine, Village Vets is paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse veterinary industry.

International Women's Day

Hannah Tymlin - Clinical Mentor at Village Vets

"Women are an integral part of the Village Vets team and have been instrumental in driving the success of the organization," says Tymlin. "We strongly believe that recognizing and supporting female leaders is essential to create a culture that fosters growth and development."

As an industry leader, Village Vets hopes to inspire other veterinary practices to follow their lead and provide more opportunities for women to take on leadership roles. By working together to address the gender gap in veterinary medicine, we can create a more inclusive and diverse profession that benefits everyone.


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