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We’re certainly witnessing a time of challenges, a time of concern and a time where “we’re in this together” are the first words you hear in the morning; if not the last words you hear before you sleep. Naturally, we’ve had to react to and anticipate many changes to our society. This meant closing some all of our clinics at the beginning of March in order to build separate teams and make preparations for what was to come… 

We’ve implemented social distancing, we’ve spread our teams apart, we’ve adopted a new standard of hygiene and cleanliness in all of our clinics and (we’re delighted to say) that all of our premises are open and have been open since the 5th of May. Our staff are protected; when you visit, you’ll be protected; most importantly, your pets will be protected – this is our commitment to you. 

However, and even with everything that’s been going on, things have certainly been busy for us! Between regular check-ups and daily routines, a few laughs and heartwarming moments have seen fit to grace our doorstep, and we’d love to share them with you! 

Reservoir Socks… 

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Crime never pays, especially when it comes to stealing socks… Last week at our clinic in Sandyford, Joey arrived with his owner for a consultation. Joey, feigning ignorance over the fact that he was in a Vets, seemed somewhat under the weather, but the jig was truly up when Joey’s owner reported a sneaking suspicion that a sock had gone missing. A sock that, perhaps, Joey had eaten. Naturally, we went through the motions (bloods, intravenous fluid therapy and an X-Ray) and found that there was, indeed, a sock in Joey’s stomach.


Now, Joey claimed that it was put there by some unseen party, but we know better and, of course, what goes in must also come out!