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When buying a new puppy, it can be quite difficult to know what to look for in a good breeder. Here a a few tips to help you during that process.

Always go with your gut. If you think something is not right, then walk away.


  • They will ask you plenty of questions to determine if you are properly prepared for a new puppy.
  • A good breeder will ask you a lot of questions to see if you are prepared to take on a new puppy. They will want to know how experienced you are and get an insight into your family and your household routines. Be prepared for this level of questioning as the breeder will want a good home for their puppies. They will also be happy to answer all your questions and will be knowledgeable about their breed.
  • You will be shown all areas that the puppy has lived in not just a nice area in the house, brought to your house or a neutral location.
  • Good breeders will be proud of the conditions they keep their puppies in so will have no problems showing you around. You should see where the mother gave birth and where they puppies have been kept since then. Never ever meet a breeder away from where the puppies were born. Make sure the areas you are being shown are genuine.
  • The puppy's environment is bright, warm and clean and the puppies are bright, alert and in good health.
  • You should get to see all the puppies not just one. They will be happy and friendly and clearly used to human contact. They should have plenty of space to move and run about while still being in a warm and clean area. The puppies should never be displaying any signs of illness or injury. They should be curious and interact well with its mother and siblings.
  • You get to meet the puppy’s mother and she is bright, alert and in good health.
  • Never ever buy from a breeder where you don't get to see the puppy’s mother (regardless of any reason given to you for them not being present). The mother should be bright, happy and appear healthy. They should also shown signs of having puppies recently such as swollen nipples. She should interact with the puppies in a free, relaxed and natural manner.
  • You should get to visit the puppy and the home more than once (ideally before and after 8 weeks of age).
  • Good breeders will have you visit the puppy more than once. They will want to get to know you and for you to get to know your puppy. They will never rehome a puppy that is less than 8 weeks of age.
  • The puppy will come with proper documentation.
  • All reputable breeders will have a stack of paperwork to give you. This may include a vaccination cert, puppy contract, pedigree papers and microchip registration (where appropriate). They will be very proud of having prepared all this and they should explain what everything means. They may be waiting on some paperwork in which case they will show you copies or submission forms for these certificates.
  • They will have a fall back plan for you if you are unable to keep the puppy or the puppy becomes ill in the first 5 days of your possession.
  • A good breeder will be happy to help if things don't work out with your new puppy. They will take the puppy back if it not what you expected. They will also expect you to get your own independent veterinary check within 48 hours of getting the pup. If there are issues detected at this stage, they will want to hear about them.



  • Buy a puppy where you don't get to see the mother.
  • Buy from anyone else other than the breeder of the puppy.
  • Meet the breeder at an alternative or ‘more convenient’ location.
  • Buy from a breeder who appears to have poor knowledge about the breed or about dogs in general.
  • Buy a puppy who is not comfortable with human interaction or being handled.
  • Buy a puppy if you feel something is not right or you feel pressured in to buying.
  • Buy a puppy as you feel like you are rescuing them. By doing this you are giving money to poor breeders and puppy farms and allowing them to maintain poor conditions for puppies into the future.
  • Buy a puppy without getting a free pre purchase consultation from one of our Vets or nurses.
  • Get a puppy for Christmas.


As a family veterinary practice, our philosophy is to promote rehoming from a dog rescue shelter. However if you do decide to buy a dog, use this information and download our puppy contract here. We are always available for free advise before and after you get your new puppy.

For more information check https: www.puppycontract.ie