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When we take our furry friends for a walk to a dog park or when we have multiple pets at home, it becomes a beautiful social bubble where germs and other bacteria are brought in from outside and can spread around your pets at home. Some bacteria are harmless to your furry friends and to us, but some bacteria can cause illnesses and sickness to your pets. We understand how important it is to keep your pet healthy, which is why we want to talk to you about why your pet needs vaccinations.


Being exposed to germs is not bad, we all are exposed to many different bacteria every day,  some bacteria can cause serious illness to your pup and other animals in the household. Some viruses and bacteria might not affect humans, but many types of bacteria can only specifically multiply and grow in your pooch’s ecosystem, eventually making them ill and sick. 


Many pet parents do not realise the amount of exposure pets can have when simply going outside. Meeting new dogs, walking around the park and playing exposes your furry friends to a lot of germs, not to mention places like plane, or pet groomers or boarding facilities.


As a pet parent, you need to be up to date with your pet's vaccines, some vaccines need to be taken every year and are commonly referred to as boosters. Your local vet should have a record of all the vaccines given to your pet and when they should be taken again. 




When it comes to pet healthcare, vaccines are a critical part of your Pet's Health Plan. Vaccinations are the best way to protect your pet from serious and potentially fatal illnesses, and they're much easier and less expensive to give than to treat the illnesses themselves. As we all know, little pups cannot be taken out to the street to play with other dogs before they have had their first vaccinations. Little pups don't yet have immunity to fight the viruses, and it might become costly to treat your pup's first illnesses. 


Vaccinations can also help you avoid costly vet visits and treatments down the line. At Village Vets, we provide all the necessary vaccines that are covered by our Pet Health Plan ; including core vaccines, such as rabies and distemper, as well as non-core vaccines, such as bordetella and leptospirosis. 


We also offer annual vaccinations for your pet and annual blood and urine tests, so you can make sure that your pup and your kitty are protected all year round. You can consult easily on the types of vaccinations your pet might need by walk-in or just give us a call for a free consultation with your vet here.


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