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why to vaccinate your dog

Vaccines, have jumped to the forefront of our vocabulary in recent times, but did you know that your dog can get vaccines too? There are a wide range of nasty diseases and conditions that vaccines keep your pet safe from; things like kennel cough, parvo and much, much more. With that being said, there are many questions you’ll probably want to know the answers to; questions like: What are the benefits of having your dog vaccinated? Where can I get it done? Is it expensive? Well, you’ve come to the right people… for most of that.


What is a Vaccination?

Vaccines impart a tiny dose of the virus or disease into the bloodstream so that your pet’s body can develop the proper anti-bodies without becoming stressed from a full-on viral attack. Essentially, this gives your dog’s immune system the blueprints on how to beat a virus, making sure that when they do contract it, it passes without much fuss. Vaccines give your dog the best chance at a happy and long life and are 100% safe.

In particular, we immunise dogs against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and leptospirosis. We also have an option to vaccinate against bronchitis (kennel cough), which is great for all dogs who visit kennels, play with other dogs, visit the park and go to training. We strongly recommend it!


When do we Vaccinate?

When you get your hands on a new bundle of fluffy joy, it’s important that they are vaccinated at the right stages of their life. We normally recommend a puppy’s first vaccine to happen around the 6-8 week mark and then again after they are 10 weeks old. Finally, we would normally have them take a booster shot every year; just to make sure that their immune system is in tip-top condition. In summary:

1st Vaccination from 8 weeks old

2nd Vaccination from 10 weeks old

3rd vaccination at 16 weeks

Annual booster every year after that


How do we Vaccinate?:

By using a small injection (so small that they won’t even feel it), the vaccine is introduced to your pet’s bloodstream where their immune system then takes over. In essence, it’s an extremely quick, painless and vital procedure that we carry out almost ten times a day. Afterwards, your pup will get a treat for being such a good patient and you’ll be on your way; no mess, no fuss, in and out!


How much does it cost?:

The annual booster shot for a dog is normally €50, but… With our Puppy Health Plan, you’ll receive all vaccinations for free; yes, free. You’ll also receive 20% off on all of our Royal Canin specialty diets and a snazzy 10% off on neutering. These deals are especially useful for new pups, giving them the best start in life that you could possibly offer them. We’ll also trim their nails for free, and that’s something we’ll do for life. And that’s not all! Your pup will also be entitled to receive reduced Emergency Consultation Fees. If you’d like to know more about our amazing Pet Health Plan, look no further than here.


What’s the catch?:

There is no catch. With a vaccine (and annual booster shot), your puppy is protected for life from the worst diseases known to dogs. Having your pup vaccinated also means that they’ll be protected while out on walks, playing with their friends, staying in a kennel, messing in the garden and interacting with other animals and insects. Vaccines are your dog’s passport to the world!


Having answered all of your questions, we hope we’ve given you a good idea of what’s involved when you decide to get your puppy vaccinated. As one of the most important things in your dog’s life, it pays to be informed about it. Of course, if you still have other questions, you can always phone us or drop us a line on our website here.

And, as always, we wish good health to you and yours.