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pet laboratory, skin scrapes, urine sample, blood test WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT A LABORATORY FOR PETS?

Our in-house laboratories facilities eliminate unnecessary waiting time in identifying your pet’s illness, or as part of a routine check. Testing of sample of your pet’s blood, urine, skin, hair or faces are carried out in our own facilities,  equipped with the latest technology. 

Most test results are available approximately 15 minutes after the collection!

Reference Laboratory

For special testing we have a relationship with Axiom Laboratory Solutions who collect samples from us on the daily basis.

Blood tests

Consists of looking at chemicals in the blood (biochemistry), and cells in the blood (CBC or blood smear examination).

Blood pressure monitoring

It is imperative to keep your pets’ blood pressure within certain bounds. Therefore, our staff would monitor your pet’s blood pressure during the routine examinations. The blood pressure is also monitored when your pets are given anaesthesia.

Skin scrapes

Skin problems and itchiness are common and frustrating disorders in dogs and other animals. With so many underlying causes, finding the reason for the problem is important in order to find an appropriate treatment or even a cure. A skin scraping is a commonly performed test that can help diagnose certain skin inflammations, fungal infections & parasites.

Urine samples

The urinalysis can provide us information not only about the kidneys and bladder, but the liver, pancreas, and other organs. In addition to helping us make a diagnosis, a urinalysis is also helpful in determining a prognosis (a forecast of the outcome of the disease) and response to treatment.

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