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Vaccines are an essential part of pet care that helps to prevent the contraction and spread of contagious disease. When your new puppy or kitten receives their primary vaccinations, their immune system is strengthened against several different nasty viruses. The great news is that if you join the Pet Health Plan, your pet will receive all for their vaccinations for FREE!

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In kittens, we vaccinate against cat flu, cat enteritis and feline leukemia.


  • First vaccine from 9 weeks old
  • Second vaccine from 12 weeks old
  • Annual booster every year after that.



We immunise puppies against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and leptospirosis. There is also the option to vaccinate against bronchitis (kennel cough), which is great for all dogs who either visit kennels, play with other dogs, visit the park, go to training etc, so we strongly recommend it!


  • First vaccine from 6-8 weeks old
  • Second vaccine from 10 weeks old
  • Annual booster every year after that.
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