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Blood Donation - Your Dog can Help!

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In certain situations where an animal has lost too much blood - as a result of trauma, surgery or auto-immune illness - a blood transfusion is needed to restore levels sufficient to save the animal's life. For these cases, we have a list of lovely animals belonging to our clients that we can refer to in order to select an appropriate donor.


There are a few criteria required for your pet to be accepted as a donor. If you answer YES to these and would like to register your pet as a blood donor, get in touch!

Christmas Safety Tips For Pets

Approaching holidays and all the pet owners ever have on their minds is how to keep the furry family members safe during such hectic times.
Isn’t it? How those pretty ornaments are a thing of beauty for the pets! We are very much sure that the pet owners across the globe will agree with us.
Don’t worry about what to follow and what to avoid this Christmas.
Here is a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts which you should always bear in mind these holidays:

1.      Christmas tree tips:

    What Do I Do If My Dog Eats Chocolate?

    what if my dog eats chocolate?

    Chocolate is harmful  to dogs. Never give your dog chocolate. If there is chocolate in your house, keep it in a safe place where the dog cannot access it.

    If you see your dog eating chocolate or suspect, they may have eaten it and you are not sure, please call the vet immediately. The vet can advise you what to do.

    It is important to know both the amount and type of chocolate eaten. Keep the chocolate wrapper as the  information can be helpful to the vet.


    Reasons To Neuter Your Pet

    cat neuter, dog neuter, cat castration, dog castration.

    What is neutering?

    Neutering is a general term used to describe the surgery performed by the vet, to prevent the animal from being able to breed.
    In males, the surgery is known as castration. This involves the removal of the cat or dog’s testicles.
    In females, the surgery is known as spaying. This involves the removal of the cat or dog’s ovaries and womb.

    What is the importance of neutering?

    Neutering your pet has health benefits and is important for population control.