What is Cats favourite music? | Village Vets
13 Nov, 2018

Recently in our luxury Cat Hotel we have installed a speaker that plays Classical music for our guests, needless to say it is purr-fect and the guests are loving it! Having these speakers play throughout the day helps our furry felines by relieving stress and improve well-being. 

There has been various studies on the effect of music on cats and in particular Classical music. In May 2015, Charles Snowdon published a study in Applied Animal Behavior with the headline,

“Cats Prefer Species-Appropriate Music.”

For cats to enjoy music, they claimed, that the song must have a familiar tempo and be in the frequency range that cats use to communicate with each other so that means it has to be matching sounds to that of high pitched meows and low base purrs.

In this study it was shown that Classical music, lowered the cats’ heartbeats, and decreased their pupil diameters; this indicated that this genre had a soothing effect.

Having Classical music playing in our Hotel is perfect as it relaxes and soothes our guests so they are purr-fectly confortable while on their holiday. Our current guests Matilda and Annabelle absoloutely love the music and are so chilled out and relaxed when it's playing, Annabelle even cuddles up for a lap nap!

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