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Nurse Awareness month: How the vet clinics are indebted to these hardworking nurses


VNAM or Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month was originally started in 2015 by the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) as National VN Day and it has since progressed and became first the National VN Week and now VN Awareness Month. This month-long campaign since 2012 is organized to spread awareness about the importance that the role of a veterinary nurse has and the provision of responsible pet care to make the public aware.

As the years pass by, you can clearly see a steady increase in the number of veterinary practices and colleges from all across the UK taking part in this campaign. They get involved in promoting the role of a veterinary nurse by organising events like sponsored walks, sponsored sky dives, pet health checks, open days at the practice, and many more.

For encouraging veterinary nurses, staff, and students to be involved, BVA posts FREE VNAM packs including posters, and other promotional items for anyone that registers so that they can make a display within their college or practice. Every year a competition comprising of 3 categories is run and the winners and runner-ups get the prices. The BVNA council, as well as the office team, attend a number of other external events for supporting this campaign.
If you want to be a small part of this massive campaign, you can do so by spreading the word to your friends on social media. You can share about this campaign and use hashtags like #VNAM19, #WhatVNsdo, and #makinglivesbetter.


Veterinary nurse: An integral part of any reputed vet clinic

At any well-known veterinary clinic, you will always find a number of trained, experienced, and qualified veterinary nurses as well as a handful of trainee nurses to compliment them. The nurses are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to show how qualified and reliable they are as they are tasked with completing most of the routine day to day tasks related to the caring of your pet.

A lot of the nurses will also choose to undergo additional clinical training to be of more use to the clinic. Many of them will specialize in nutrition, nursing clinics, cardiology, orthopedics, dentistry, medicine, ophthalmology, anesthesia, soft tissue surgery, hydrotherapy, emergency nursing, and more.


Veterinary nursing jobs: The real care caretakers behind the scenes

Veterinary nursing jobs are not easy which is why those who actually become good nurses take immense pride in their work and the level of care provided by them. They are tasked with taking care of your pets as well as a vast number of other jobs like:

  • Hosting the nurse clinics for discussing weight, dental care, and more
  • Preparing the animals for theater i.e. sterilization of the surgical site
  • Taking urine, blood, and fecal samples
  • Testing those samples in a lab
  • Monitoring anesthetics
  • Providing physiotherapy
  • Ordering and maintaining stock levels
  • Cleaning kennels and feeding the patients
  • Positioning the pets for x-rays
  • Administering medication to your pets
  • Dressing wounds
  • Performing a polish and dental scale
  • Dispensing medication

Veterinary nurses are an indispensable part of any clinic. It is no surprise that they are very important for the smooth functioning of a vet clinic.


Village Vets: Home to the best veterinary nurses in Dublin & Meath

Here, at Village Vets, we have some of the best veterinary nurses who are highly qualified and experienced to provide the best possible care to your pets. We offer a number of free services for our pet heath of free services like:


Our nurses will run a free weight clinic where your furry friend will be measured and weighed accordingly. The nurses will then provide you with a nutritional and exercise plan for keeping your pet on the right track.


Dental check-ups

Our experienced nurses will check the teeth of your pets and give you advice on their diet, dental care, and treatments (if necessary)


Nail Trims

In our clinic, your pets can get free nail trims


Flea and worm check and aid of treatment application

As a part of some of our pet health plans, your pets will get free flea and worm treatment


Stitch Removal

Stitch removal in our clinics is absolutely free


Post-surgical exams

Our nurses will help you book post-surgical exams to make sure your pets can easily cope with the recovery period


If you have any queries or want to book an appointment, you can easily do so by visiting our contact us page and giving us a call or emailing us your request.