Puppy swallows arrow | Village Vets
arrow dog, dog that swallowed an arrow


A 4 month old Hungarian Vizsla called Loki  came into our Stillorgan Clinic very bouncy and full of life. But there was something wrong.

His owners had noticed that Loki had vomited four days previous. They suspected that Loki may have eaten something unusual.

His temperature was normal and he was in great form until our vet Ruth Wolfson felt his tummy and could feel a lump the size of a plum in there.

Loki underwent emergency  surgery and the  veterinary team  removed a kids toy arrow which measured 30cm long. The arrow measured the length of Loki's body and we were all amazed how he managed to swallow it. 

After the surgery Loki was monitored very closely and kept on fluids over night. The following day Loki was back to himself, full of mischief and looking forward to going home.

Loki returned to see us in Stillorgan a few times and thankfully after removing his stitches Loki can now lead a happy, puppy life.

Let's hope that Loki has learned his lesson.