Is your pet anxious about Halloween? | Village Vets
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Halloween is a fun, inherently Irish season for children and adults alike to decorate homes, dress up as ghoulish characters and get in touch with their spooky side! Our pets, however, don’t often see it that way. Costumes, fireworks and trick or treaters are scary for them but not in an amusing way. Older animals especially can become so stressed out with changes to their routine or external environment that they become ill.

Luckily, there are measures we can put in place to make sure our furry friends are happy and anxiety free heading into the Halloween season.


  • Keep your pet inside over the Halloween period, especially in the week leading up to the day.
  • Make sure that your pet is microchipped and registered! This will increase the chances of you being reunited with your pet should they go missing. Call us to check if your pet’s microchip is registered as this is vitally important.
  • Do not set off fireworks in your own back garden. Not only will this be terrifying for your pet, it is also illegal.
  • Leave the radio on in the room your pet is in as this will help to disguise outside noises.
  • Don’t let your dog to run off leash. Fireworks can spook them and they may run away and not respond to being called back, despite being usually obedient.
  • Don’t dress your pet up in silly costumes. They don’t like it.
  • If you are having visitors over, set your pet up in their own private room so they can feel safe and secure.
  • There are a range of natural supplements, foods and medications available to help reduce your pet’s fear and anxiety over the festive season.


As it is Senior Pet Awareness Season, you are entitled to a FREE consultation geared towards maintaining your pet’s health as they enter their later years.

Call us or drop in to make the appointment or to have a general chat about anxiety and stress reduction for your best pal.