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A recent survey indicates that more than 50 percent of the population of pets is overweight. These figures, no doubt, are surprising for all the pet owners across the world. Isn’t it? More and more pets are becoming obese with each passing day.

Obesity in pets is totally similar to that in humans. It is typically defined as the accumulation of excess body fat. Your furry family member is classified as obese if it weighs 20 percent or more over its ideal body weight. This phenomenon is definitely not normal and it is surprisingly unnatural for a cat or dog to be overweight.

It is no wonder that being overweight predisposes pets to a number of health complications. The overweight pet may not experience the normal quality and standards of living. The excess weight may lead to cardiac problems as it strains heart muscles and in turn, affects circulation system. It can also lead to respiratory as well as metabolic disorders. The overweight pet may develop shortness of breath; tolerate exercise to a lesser extent and incidence of chest complications such as bronchitis rises.

Since the pet is overweight, excess fat will put additional pressure on limbs, joints and spine as well. Chances of developing arthritis, rheumatism and spinal problems will amplify. And so, your obese pet is rendered to a much higher risk when undergoing anesthesia or surgical problems.

Most people do not realize that their pets are overweight unless and until made aware of the same by the vet. The pet owners should not only be regular at the routine check-ups for pets but also ask the vets if their cat or dog is overweight or not.

Once the vet identifies the pet as overweight, he/she will walk through the reasons as to why your pet is overweight. If any medical condition is not identified as the underlying cause, then diet may be attributed to the excess weight. You may, then, be advised on weight reduction program which also involves a change in diet. A proper diet chart along with a perfect health regime will be put forward.

What happens normally is that we feed our way too much sometimes, which might not even be necessary, and totally overlook the fact getting enough exercise. When you feed your pet with more food than it requires the excess is often stored as fat. Hence, the animal becomes overweight. The pets just need their diet adjusted and it will work wonders.

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