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Congratulations on your new family member!

Getting a new kitten is a really exciting time for all your family. There is a lot to take in. Don’t get overwhelmed. We are here to help you regardless of how trivial you might think your query is. Here are a few things you need to be aware of:



Vaccinations prevent contagious diseases. In kittens we vaccinate against Cat Flu, Cat Enteritis and Feline Leukemia.


  • 1st Vaccination from 8 weeks old
  • 2nd Vaccination from 11 weeks old
  • 3rd vaccination at 16 weeks
  • Annual Booster every year after that.  



1 in 3 pets will get lost. Without ID 90% won’t return home.
A collar or ID tag can go missing or fall off, but a microchip will never fall out. Don’t lose your best friend!


I am getting a kitten: Kittens can be microchipped as young as five weeks old.
I am getting an adult cat (not a kitten): Bring your cat to your vet to be scanned. The vet can discover if your cat has a chip and help you to arrange registration if necessary



Worm eggs (not worms themselves) are infectious to humans and other animals.
Worm eggs are tiny and can’t be seen without a microscope. Just because you can’t see worms in your cat’s poo, doesn’t mean they’re not there.


  • Up to 12 weeks, every 2 weeks
  • At 12 weeks every month
  • At 6 months, twice yearly for life.




Neutering can help your cat lead a longer and healthier life. Neutering reduces overpopulation, territory marking, roaming, aggression,
certain cancers and diseases.


Male and female cats can be neutered from 4 months of age. These are guidelines only. It is best to contact our team to discuss the ideal timing to neuter your pet. You can book a free pre-neuter consult with us online today to discuss when is the right time to get your pet neutered.


Remember, members of our Pet Health Plan get 10% off the cost of neutering.



To spread the cost of veterinary care over a 12 month period and to never pay for your cat’s vaccinations or vet consultations.


As soon as you get your new friend or anytime if you want to sign up your existing cat.



We only stock food that we can stand over as being good quality while being conscious of your budget. Please ask our vets and nurses for advice when choosing your cat’s diet.

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