Avoid Giving Your Pets These Foods This Christmas | Village Vets
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Christmas, the time for family fun and bonding is around the corner. However if you are a pet owner, kindly learn about the dangers this season can actually bring to your pet. This blog is intended to make you aware of the Christmas dangers for pets and help you have a good time with your pet and family.

Pets at Christmas must not be fed these foods:

  • Chocolates are not for cats and dogs. Make sure to keep chocolates and decorations with chocolates on them away from the reach of Christmas pets. Chocolate poisoning can be dangerous.
  • Christmas cake and pudding contain raisins and currants that can cause poisoning. You might be required to rush your pet to a vet even if it gets to eat one or two of them.
  • Bones become brittle when cooked. The splinters can cause uneasiness in the stomach and may lead to bowel perforation. So avoid treating your dog with bones.
  • Nuts can be dangerous as well. They cause tremors, weakness and vomiting. Keep a watch on your children too; they might be tempted to feed your Christmas pets with nuts and chocolates.
  • No alcohol! Alcohol causes vomiting, breathing difficulty, tremors and in worst cases, even death.
  • Stick to pet foods. After the Christmas party, clean the place thoroughly so that your pet doesn't get to munch on the left over food.

If you have an emergency, don't hesitate to call one of our Village Vets clinics. To get through to our Emergency Vet out of hours, simply call your regular practice's number and you will be put through.

For more details check :https://www.emergencyvet.ie

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