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Protect your cats from upcoming winters!!

cats and antifreeze, antifreeze

Cold winter weather presents challenges to audience cat lovers. This winter is predicted to be one of bitter cold and numbing wetness. Awareness about the risks of anti freeze poisoning in cats is mandatory for cat lovers.

Ethylene glycol poisoning in cats

Antifreeze poisoning is mostly  associated with cats or pets licking antifreeze drips or spills off the ground. For a cat as little as a teaspoon can be fatal. The toxic element in antifreeze is ethylene glycol which can be found in other products as well.

The ultimate gift for all pets

christmas presents

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is around the corner and the festivities bring the excitement of planning and experimenting with new ideas. Markets are swollen with infinite gifting options. Diverse alternatives to the more traditional ones with newer, more unconventional and quirkier modifications are available. You are always on a mission to make your friends and family feel happy and special. Besides your family and friends, the happiness of your pet, an integral part of your family is essential as well.