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Now, it may be Valentine’s Day for us humans (and a very good day for David Grey, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli etc...), but we can’t forget about our most important partners — the ones who love us no matter what we do! Whatever pet you’ve chosen to be your animal companion, today is about showing them some love and appreciation too, especially when you consider that they can’t enjoy chocolate like we can (so not fair).

As such, here’s a list of our five favourite ways to spoil your furry forever-friends on this, the international day of love (and Barry White) 

 Get Them Their Favourite Treat: 

Time is often a luxury for many of us working in the modern world. Buying your pet their favourite treat is still showing some love! Perhaps even a new toy would sweeten the deal just that little bit more. Of course, your pets probably won’t even know why they’re getting treated, but the main thing is that they’re happy! It’s the thought that counts, after all.

Just be careful to check the ingredients, making sure that any treat you pick up is safe and tasty for your paw-pal. For more information on pets and chocolate, click here




 Put Aside Some Time for Your Pet: 

You’re just in the door from work or getting up from your WFH desk, your significant other has the dinner on or takeout ordered. The shoes come off, the feet go up on the couch and Netflix washes over the telly... Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? One evening out of 365 won’t kill you, though.

Put aside an hour or three for your pet! If you own a dog; bring him or her for a walk or a trip to the beach (if it's within your 5KM of course) now that the evenings are slowly getting brighter. If you own a cat; spend some time petting or playing until one of you falls asleep. If it’s a small animal you have; let them out of the cage for a supervised hour or two. Finally, if it’s a horse; bring them for a trot down the road or even braid their mane.

It will most certainly be time well spent! 

Bring Your Pet On A Date: 

While it may not be a trip to the movies or a night away in the Slieve Russel; you can still bring your pet on a date! This could be a leisurely stroll down the town, a takeaway coffee from a local café (for you, not your pet), a trip to your local park or even a moonlit walk on a pier.

Get out of the house and bring your pet, it’s one of the best ways to show them that you love them. Why not hop in the car? Let your pet be your co- pilot and go on an adventure...within your 5KM! With the bright evenings slowly coming back to us, the park is the perfect place to have a date both of you can enjoy.

Just remember to bring a lead, some snacks and water! 




Treat Your Pet To A Grooming or Cologne : 

Now we’re treading into the realm of human presents... Though such a thing does exist! While it might be nice to get your pet groomed, purchasing a new fragrance for your dog or cat can help them smell and feel wonderful. What’s even better for both of you is treating your pet to a nice bath. Dogs are the perfect candidates for this. Cats? Not so much... Even small animals are more inclined to take to water than cats, but there are right and wrong ways to go about bathing every animal. A pet cologne can be ideal for just such a situation where your furry-friend (or yourself) is in no mood for a bath! 

 Book An Appointment With Your Vet: 

Definitely not the most conventional way of showing your pet that you love them... Bringing your paw-pal to the vet is one of the most compassionate and caring acts that we could think of. We may not give each other the gift of health on days like these, but your pet most certainly deserves it. Trips to the vet should be a regular occurrence anyway, but the odd check-up every now and then can often reveal hidden ailments or maladies that would otherwise be left untreated. Get your pet checked properly, consult your vet about dietary requirements or see about purchasing a Pet Health Plan.

As my Grandmother used to always say; “Your health is your wealth,” and in our experience, it’s no different for animals! 

That about wraps it up for us on this very special occasion. Whatever you plan on doing with your day, we hope both you and your pet have a memorable experience! If you or your pet run into any difficulties over this Valentine’s Weekend, we’re only ever a phone call away

We wish you, yours and your pets lots of love this Valentine’s Day!