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future leasers,

As part of our commitment to develop our teams, we have custom developed a program that is aimed at helping team members develop into the leaders of the future. By providing the training and skills required to expand upon your working knowledge of a clinic, you can progress you career at your own pace with training from expert speakers in their area of expertise. Each module with be practical based with real life examples and applications to a working clinic environment. This program is kindly sponsored by ISME and will be delivered over a 15 month period starting in early 2019. Each module will be followed by a project based assessment including work experience in a non veterinary management role towards the end of the program.


Modules covered by the program include:

  • Customer experience.
    • Removing barriers
    • Care fundamentals
    • How to measure
    • Customer care management
    • How to improve cutomer care management
    • Complaints handling
    • Celebrate the wins
    • Building a great customer experience
  • Operational excellence
    • Operational fundamentals
    • Why this is important and when it goes wrong
    • Identification of issues that need to be corrected
    • Coordination of staff, equipment and stock resources in an efficient way to achieve operational excellence
    • Prioritisation. Urgent and important.
    • Drive and ambition for the practice
  • Communication
    • Getting a clear and concise message across
    • Busy or stressful prep room communication
    • Handover communication
    • How to manage iappropriate communication
    • How to arrange a meeting and not get hijacked or lose control
    • Customer complaints handling
  • Human resource management
    • Personaiity profiles
    • How to induct a new starter and monitor their progress
    • How to manage inter team strife
      • Managing egos
    • How to manage a poor preformer
    • How to motivate an individual or a team
    • Goal setting & monitoring
    • Delegation
  • Leadership & coaching
    • What is it?
    • How to act as a leader. Motivation.
      • Relaying messages from senior staff - sensitive information etc
      • When someone goes over your head, how to manage this.
    • Accountability
    • Be part of a team but rise above when a leader is needed
    • Challenges of being a leader and examples of when it goes wrong
    • Examples of being a good leader and taking control of situations in a clinic
    • How to stop escalations of issues and opinions in a team
  • Finance
    • Why is it important
    • Turnover and VAT explained
    • Stock management
    • Cost of sales
    • Wages & employment benefits
    • Gross profit
    • KPIs
    • Consequences of poor charging, out of date stock or absent stock.
    • Overview of NET profit
  • Clinic management.
    • Consistency of service delivery
    • Clinical oversight
    • Charging oversight
    • KPI acheivement
    • Operational flow management
      • Time, diary, personnel management
      • Delegation
  • Marketing
    • What it means to be your practice. What is your culture?
    • Marketing consistency through the whole practice
    • Managing social media
    • Marketing initiatives
    • Branding and why it is not just a logo
    • Brand guardianship
    • Internal marketing
  • Working with other management teams.
    • How and when to communicate with other teams
    • When to escalte up the ladder
    • Goal setting & delegation
    • Concept of healthy conflict
    • Making independent decisions
    • Accountability
    • Urgent & important
    • Meeting etiquette (during and afterwards)
  • Work experience.
    • Shadow half day with a manager in a different business. (Hotel, factory, supermarket, large pharmacy or small medical facility etc). 

12 month training schedule.

All modules would have real life examples from a veterinary clinic setting.

Each module to have clear learning objectives that should be demonstrated in follow up assessment below.

Each module is followed by a project or essay style report to demonstrate learning and it's application to their real life day job.

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